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Our first Guest Blogger is one of the kindest, sweetest ladies you could ever work with for your wedding... Gale Wells, owner of April Flowers!

She put together 5 Quick Tips for choosing your Wedding Flowers and all 5 helped me when picking the pretty flowers I wanted for my wedding...that worked for my budget ;)

BUT FIRST, I have to show you how GORGEOUS my wedding looked because of the flower arrangements Gale & her April's Flowers team created for us... With A LOT of pretty pictures! (Images by SHO Films)

Flowers are a great way to add visual interest to your Wedding, so here are...
5 Quick Tips for choosing your Wedding Flowers:

1) Know Your Budget - Have a good idea of what you are ready to spend before you get your heart set of specific flowers.

2) Seasons Best - Consider the season in which you are marrying for picking flowers

3) Consider the color - Color is an important part of your decision about which flowers you choose.

4) Style - Think about where you want the flowers to play a role in your wedding. Wedding flowers can range from simple to elegant.

5) Size it up - Remember size matters, don't choose bridal and attendants bouquets without request to style of dress and body shape.

April's flowers is located on Beaver Drive, DuBois PA and offers...
Floral arrangements for all types of events including: weddings, bridal showers, school dances, and so much more! They also have ready-made arrangements, gift baskets, art work, and other gift items that are perfect to stop in and pick up for your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or other lady in your life that could use a smile =)

Below are more photos of Aprils Flowers' arrangements at RA weddings!...

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