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Image by our wedding video team SHO Films

Image by our wedding video team SHO Films

Today I am SUPER excited to have Guest Blogger, Jamie Simpson, owner of  He put together 5 Helpful Tips in choosing your Reception Playlist that, for our brides who are in the planning stages, is a must-read!

BUT FIRST, I have to tell you guys how amazing Jamie is and what he did for Sam & I's wedding reception... with pretty pictures & video of course ;)

When it comes to Wedding Receptions, if you want a non-stop party that guests will never forget... you want HouseRockers DJ!  Sam & I had Jamie Simpson on the TOP of our Vendor list and he DID NOT DISAPPOINT =) The party was jumping and Jamie kept our guests on the dance floor ALL... NIGHT... LONG. I could explain more in detail, but really, it's so much better to SEE!

Music is the Soundtrack for your Wedding Reception!
5 tips for selecting your Reception Playlist:

1) The Cocktail Hour - An eclectic mix of upbeat tracks from Motown to Today's Hits is always a good place to start. With a wide variety of ages  at most weddings, this is the time to really play something EVERYONE likes. Forget cocktail Hour, think Cocktail Party!

2) Dinner Music - the perfect place to play the bride and grooms favorite songs that just aren't quite upbeat enough for dancing. I am always surprised at the cool songs my clients

3) The Do Not Playlist - can be as important as the Must Play List.

4) The Must Playlist - I ask my clients for only the songs that THEY (the couple) love to dance to. For most couples, there is just a pocketful of artist/songs that they absolutely love.

5) Requests - The best requests are usually the ones that are given to me the night of the event in the eat of the moment. Imagine dancing with your friends and you remember singing Don't Stop Believin' that night out on the town.

Jamie Simpson is the owner of HousRockers DJ in Clarion, PA. He preforms at some of the best weddings in Du Bois and Western Pennsylvania.

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