Josh Megan Wedding Weekend - Styled Edits


We are doing something NEW this Wedding Season! ;)

For every couple, we get super excited to share a blog post full of Sneak Peeks the morning after the wedding.  The bride & groom can't wait to see them, the Bridal Party love seeing highlights of the day, the couple's friends & family too...even our blog readers get to see the fun & fabulous COLOR!

What most don't know though is we ALSO give our couples "Styled Edits" of each & every photo from their day!  So not only do our couples have a clean, beautiful Color edit, they also receive a styled Vintage and B&W version of ALL of their wedding photos =D

And quite frankly, I've been missing out on sharing these photos with everyone...sometimes there's a B&W edit that I squeal about or a Vintage one that makes me swoon ;)

So I'm not holding back anymore...for all of our 2014 Weddings, we will now be featuring a "Styled Edits" blog post with even more pretty photos for you ALL to enjoy! =D

To see ALL of Josh & Megan's wedding weekend Color ;)

check out their Online Gallery HERE:

*Please note, Online Gallery expires June 6, 2014


VENUE - Gateway Lodge, Cooksburg PA

  • The Gateway Lodge had some of the yummiest food I've tasted in my 8 years of shooting weddings and while the guest suites had fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, and king sized beds, my favorite feature had to be the SHEETS...the softest linens I have ever slept on ;) 

BAND - Vertigo Vibe, Reading PA

  • A fun way to rock the night away is bring in a LIVE band like Vertigo Vibe!  Playing rock classics with their own sound...Sweet Home Alabama, TNT, Born to Be Wild and more!

HAIR - Stylez Salon - Ridgway, PA

  • It's so nice when a Salon can accommodate your wedding plans and come to YOU for your beauty preparation the morning of the wedding...keep in mind most salons don't offer that option!
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