WEDDINGS - Ryan Hilary - Mount Washington, Pittsburgh PA

A Father's Day weekend that Ryan will never forget...yesterday Hilary married the love of her life. A sweet, kind, and caring man, who now is the stepfather to her 6 year old son, Caleb.  We got to spend time with these three last year for their Engagement Session and they were already the cutest little family back then, now it's just official ;) Caleb is a ham, hyper, and hilarious all rolled into one, but he is also one of the sweetest little boys I've met, especially when it comes to his momma ;) When we were playing our Reception Screening (a slideshow of photos from the ceremony & formal portraits played that night at the Reception!) he turned to Hilary and said, "They're really great photographers, Mom."  Well aren't you just the sweetest, buddy!  On our first official Father's Day, Sam & I hope your adorable family of 3 have a wonderful first Father's Day too =)

VENUE - The Fez - Aliquippa PA

  • What an awesome layout this banquet hall had! Lower level dining room for guests, mid-level dance floor and head table area, with a bar, fireplace, and lounge on the upper level! OH and they had the most amazing lighted art piece on the wall behind the dance floor, you can see it POP in the photos! =D

DJ - TK the DJ - serving Southwestern PA

  • A family-owned business just like ours =) This father-son duo were taking care of the night and rocking the dance floor! And we love interactive DJs...the son got on the dance floor and actually taught all of the group dance songs...I never really knew how to do the Wobble until last night! ;)

CAKE - Brenda Mcgee - Pittsburgh PA

  •  Such a lovely, elegant design...and Sam & I actually were able to snag a piece this time! We also seem to miss cake being served since we only sit at our table for about 10 minutes before we are back to work ;)

TRANSPORTATION - Broadway Limousine - Coraopolis PA

  •  HUGE stretch limo with all the bells & whistles =) And a fantastic driver who took care of the bride & groom with an umbrella when it started to rain at the end of our portraits AND who actually took care of us too, but not leaving us behind at the Church or in traffic!