Mike Jessica Wedding - Bellamauro Social Hall, Reynoldsville

Sam & I get excited for this wedding every year...wait...that doesn't make sense ;)

Starting back in 2012, we shot the wedding of fun-loving Zach & Maria =)  A week after their wedding, Zach's sister, Cassie, booked us for her Summer 2013 wedding!  And a few months after that, another bridesmaid, Karen, booked us for her Fall 2013 wedding!!  And another bridesmaid from Maria's wedding, the lovely, Jessica, got married yesterday!!!

So every year, it's a family reunion! 
We get to see our wedding couples loving life as newlyweds
and the happy parents celebrating with family & friends...
all the hugs & laughter we get throughout the wedding day
make Sam & I feel like we're part of the Family too =) 

While I'm excited to see which bridesmaid's wedding is next on our calendar...Casey, Ali, Reese ;) ...I am even more excited to show you THIS YEAR'S family wedding with Mike & Jessica!  Jess and her Mom put so much effort into the details & decor...everything was simply beautiful!

CEREMONY VENUE - Reynlow Park, Reynoldsville PA  814-653-8270

  • Great spot for an outdoor wedding that has a spacious stage to accommodate bridal parties & decorations galore!

RECEPTION VENUE - Bellamauro Social Hall, Reynoldsville PA  www.bellamauro.net

  • I love the way the drapery, lights, and chandeliers adorn the ceiling and make our pictures look gorgeous! ;)

DJ - Aaron Bowes - St Marys, PA  814-834-3280

  • He had the dance floor rocking all night long with this crowd!