SAM RACHEL - Our Gender Reveal Party

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After a healthy report at our 1st Ultrasound 3 months ago, the next thing on my mind with Baby Lim was the 2nd Ultrasound at 20 Weeks...where you find out the Gender!  I had seen many of the cute "Reveal" ideas on Pinterest: bake a cake with blue or pink inside, open a box full of pink or blue balloons, or the traditional route of finding out by looking on the sonogram screen.  But Sam & I decided, we wanted to share this special moment with our closest family & friends and make it truly unforgettable!  So we decided to throw a Gender Reveal Party =D

This allowed me to have fun with the other passion in my life: Party Planning ;)  Since our guests would be the gang we watch Steelers games with every week, I thought a Football Themed Party would be perfect!  Every sign, sticker, and game sheet you see below, Sam & I designed together =)  At the Party, we took fun Team Photos in the Studio with some of our favorite Photo Station props and some cute Baby ones we created ;)  We came up with games about Wives' Tales, Baby Name suggestions, Who Knows Mommy & Daddy Best, and more.

Everything was planned out perfectly, but all I could think was "I WANT TO KNOW!"....much like you may feel now ;)  So have fun checking out the party pics below and then push PLAY when you get to the video to watch our Big Reveal in action!!!

After the games were over, we rewarded the winning team with some cute HErSHEy bars
and then it was time for the BIG REVEAL!!! =D

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