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BABY'S FIRST YEAR - Marin Paige - Newborn

It brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to watch a family grow over the years that we photograph them.  Five years ago, we captured Bryan & Julie's wedding, three years ago we photographed the milestone of 2 becoming 3 with Graeme's birth, and this Summer 3 became 4...Welcome to the Smith Family, Marin =)

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BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Sawyer - Newborn

I was so excited to meet this little cutie after photographing his Momma & Daddy earlier this Spring =)  We have a collection of props we offer our newborn families, but boy do we love when clients bring items that are personal to them or just outright unique or adorable.  For little Sawyer, we got to show how fast he's growing with vintage scale!  And then showcasing Daddy's hobby, we have a look into the future of Sawyer teeing it up with Daddy ;)

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BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Kellen - Newborn

Baby Girl Kellen came to visit us in the Studio all the way from Virginia for her newborn session! 2 1/2 years ago, her momma & daddy got married in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony just outside of Washington DC and Sam & I were there to capture those sweet memories. And now, while visiting PA family for the week of 4th of July, we were able to squeeze in a "Same-Day Studio Experience" to capture new memories in this next chapter of their lives =)  Introducing the beautiful Kellen Ember...

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EVENTS - 1st Birthday Party - Annabelle

Over the years, I have come to learn that First Birthday Parties can be SUPER FUN! And momma, Justina, is a woman after my own heart with all the details & time she put into Annabelle's big day ;)  A whimsical Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme with red, black & yellow decor everywhere the eye could see!  Makes me want to start planning my baby girl's 1st Birthday Party...even though it's still 7 months away ;)

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BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Lucy and Annabelle - Newborn Twins

When my old college roommate heard two heartbeats on the ultrasound, her & her husband about hit the floor ;) It wasn't until after that appointment, that her mom mentioned her grandma was actually a twin (sadly grandma was the only baby to survive labor).  This proved to be information that Jenna & Brady would have found very useful as they were planning whether or not they should expand their family to 2 or 3 kiddos, along with their toddler son, Zane......well that decision was made for them in a heartbeat...or should we say in TWO! ;) That made three under the age of TWO for this growing family!!!

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BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Adella - 1st Birthday Session

Though it may not look like it from Adella's crying photo above ;) the Reiter's are one fun-loving, happy family =D  I mean come on! They wore adorable matching Dr. Seuss t-shirts for their session, Things 1-4, how FUN is that?! And the love between siblings is enough to melt your heart, we asked big brother, Eliot, to give his baby sister a hug and as I got closer to take the shot, I heard him say "wuv you" =) We love getting to watch these two kiddos grow up year after year!

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LIFE WITH LILIANA - Fathers Day 2015

Liliana & I had a WONDERFUL Father's Day celebrating this loving, selfless, SUPER FUN husband & father of ours ;) LOVED that we got to do a quick mini session at my parent's house before the cookout. I was so excited to take family photos on Father's Day wearing my Mother's Day gift earrings, holding Liliana in an outfit that I bought before she was born and have been dying to get her into!'s the little things ;)

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BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Caleb - 1st Birthday Session

People always tell Sam & I that our little girl, Liliana, is a HAPPY baby!...Danielle & Justin must hear that all the time too about their bubbly baby boy, Caleb =D  He was non-stop smiles during his 1st Birthday photo shoot!...while having fun with his family outside, walking with mom & dad, swinging with his big brothers! And the smiles certainly didn't stop when we headed into his "Lil' Man Cave" for birthday photos and the oh-so-adorable Cake Smash ;)

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GRAEME - Babys 1st Year - Birthday Boy

One of the best parts of being in the photog business for 8 years now is a day like today ;) 

Go back 3 years and, on June 25th, you will find Sam & I taking wedding photos of the gorgeous Bryan & Julie =)  Fast forward 2 years later, last May, and we captured precious photos of their newborn baby boy.  And today, that boy is all grown up and "Standing Tall" in his 1st Birthday session!

Graeme is such a happy little one and, boy, was he smiling as Sammy played peek-a-boo over Mommy & Daddy's shoulder ;)  Just check out his adorable grin below =D

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COLBY - Babys 1st Year - Birthday Boy

It is so much fun to watch our kiddo clients grow over the years...especially the time from Newborn to 1st Birthday! =D

Last year, we took adorable photos of Colby on Day 1 at the hospital, 2 weeks later in the Studio for his "Bundle of Joy" newborn session, and again at Christmastime for his 6 month session!  And this weekend, this cutie pie came back to the Studio for one of my favorite shoots...the Cake Smash! ;)

Before you get to those hilarious photos of Colby digging in to icing galore, you get to first enjoy family photos with momma Mandi & daddy Tim...a pair of the most joyous, heartwarming parents you'll ever come across.  Their love is VERY apparent in their baby boy's 1 year photos =)

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