BEACH WEEK - Seniors 2016 - Olivia


Last week, we traveled back to North Carolina! Instead of shooting a vintage wedding in the mountains, we were brought down for a series of photo shoots on the beaches of the Outer Banks =)

It all started when one of our past bride & grooms, contacted us about a Senior Session for their daughter.  They admitted that they were torn, that they would love to have us take the photos, but that they also were leaning toward a session on the NC beach where they would be traveling for vacation.  So naturally, Sam & I asked "Why not the best of both worlds? Bring us with you!" So that's what they did!! Sam, Liliana & I stayed at their Beach house for the week and, not only, photographed the HS Senior session we were brought down for, but 3 more shoots! We gifted our hosts with a Family Session, another family staying at the Beach House booked a Senior mini session and we shot a Beach mini session of one of our 2014 bride & grooms that just happened to be staying 10 minutes down the road the same week! Oh...and of course we squeezed in some of our own Lim Family photos by the seashore ;)

It was an AMAZING week! Sam & I love these type of "Work Vacations", just like our wedding weekend in North Carolina and corporate conference in Miami, FL =)  So for all those out there who love looking at our photos and have your own event coming up outside of PA, DO NOT hesitate to chat with us about bringing Rachel Anne's Photography to you, WHEREVER you are! ;)

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