BABY'S 1ST YEAR - Lucy and Annabelle - Newborn Twins

When my old college roommate heard two heartbeats on the ultrasound, her & her husband about hit the floor ;) It wasn't until after that appointment, that her mom mentioned her grandma was actually a twin (sadly grandma was the only baby to survive labor).  This proved to be information that Jenna & Brady would have found very useful as they were planning whether or not they should expand their family to 2 or 3 kiddos, along with their toddler son, Zane......well that decision was made for them in a heartbeat...or should we say in TWO! ;) That made three under the age of TWO for this growing family!!!

This last one is a "blooper" of sorts, not photoshopped at all!...
makes me chuckle to think the girls are rocking out ;)